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‘BLACK BOX’ / 16/04/2013/  02:26:17 PM   No:1/10

At first glance, the name alludes to the well-known Flight Data Recorder used in aircraft. In this case, it refers to a collection of black and white screen prints - a kind of diary – consisting solely of images, no words.  These images constitute photo documentation from the artist’s personal archive, most of them taken for the most part in the studio, wherever that may have been at various instances during the last seven years, starting from Greece, then Cyprus and finally in London. Almost all the images/prints capture crucial moments of the creative procedure of the work and they all bear titles of the exact moment in which they were captured.

The Black Box’ in its entirety, suggests another perspective of Georgiou’s work. By no means does it aim to reveal or describe the creative process which preceded each work but rather, to suggest another parallel perspective of what one sees in the finals works, such as the somatographies, the single actions, or the anamorphic drawings on the mirror.

For me the process of creating theBlack Box’ was very important; I saw it as another action in its entirety, or should I say, as another experience: the initial stage of selecting the images, screen printing each one individually in the studio and then, the creation of the black boxes to contain this collection.’

Central Saint Martins/ MA Degree Show 2013.
‘Gestures on anamorphic mirrors’
Acrylic pigment on perspex mirror 2013.                                                more...Gestures_on_anamorphic_mirrors.html
Matt’s Gallery - CSM 
A Utopic Proposal / London / February 2013.

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